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Institute of Diploma Studies is a constituent institute of Nirma University.

The institute offers following diploma programmes.

Name of Programme Seats Eligibility Criteria
Mechanical Engineering 132
Electrical Engineering 75
EC Engineering
(Electronics & Communication)
Computer Engineering 132
Information Technology 132

The duration of all diploma programmes is 3 years (6 semesters). The academic schedules of diploma programmes provide for a reasonable mix of courses in Humanities, Basic Sciences, Basic & Applied Technology and Advance Technology in interdisciplinary and advanced areas. Industrial Training / Full Semester Project, a unique feature of the programme, is also included. These courses promote professional knowledge & skills in the area of their respective programme.

Under the category of Supplementary Courses, General Development Activity Courses are included as additional courses in all the programmes. These courses promote self-development, societal and environmental awareness.

The Institute has also initiated number of measures to bring the curricula and assessment system of these programmes in conformity with international standards. These measures are listed below:

•  Revision of the curricula for greater relevance to industrial and professional
•  In all academic decision making process, including development of curriculum,
   method of teaching, systems of assessment, etc., substantial participation of
   experts from industry is involved.

• The course is taken as a unit of registration. This will lead to focused attention
   on each course and hence increase effectiveness in pedagogic efforts.

• The course is subdivided into components, such as lectures, term assignment,
   laboratory and/ or project work, each with its characteristic identity. These
   components are designed to develop greater understanding of the subject
   matter and

•  also to enhance analytical and practical skills, library use, self-study and report
    writing and presentation abilities.

•  Each course carries certain credits and the assessment is grade based. The
   assessment system is devised to motivate students for systematic and continuous
   study. Term assignments, laboratory and project work are given great importance
   and are continuously assessed. Moreover there is Mid Semester Examination and
   Semester End Examination for theory courses. This ensures greater rationality
   in the assessment.


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